School Administration and Management

School Consultancy” is such an overused term these days that it is hard to know exactly what it means. And everyone is either an expert or a neophyte. But School consultancy is not scary, and it’s actually not all that difficult if you work with the right person. And by right people, we mean those who can find, connect and retain meaningful relationships that equate to brand and revenue growth. Global Heirs Corporate Services is a result driven Educational Development Specialist with proven track record in Strategic Planning, Relationship Management, Digital Marketing, Training and Brand Building.


To set up each departmental head with the responsibility of achieving the dept's target.
- Monthly Performance Review Session with departmental heads to determine progress or otherwise of the department and the school at large

- To ensure strict compliance with the school’s performance standard with a view to motivating staff to deliver according to specification.

- Regular knowledge improvement program to bring all members of staff to speed on the issues pertaining to the school and her brand.

- To motivate staff through productivity bonus - this will ensure that staffs that are working are rewarded while those that are lazy are promptly sanctioned.

- Regular event alerts. This will sensitize the parents and guidance on the benefits of bringing their children only to our school.

- We will set up a vibrant customer service department to work tirelessly in ensuring that parents experience with the school is a pleasant one.

- To take the school online with a view to appealing to international and social media savvy share of the market.
- This will turn happy parents into loyal brand ambassadors.

PUBLICATION • Production of Banners • Production of Exercise Books • Production of Year Book • Production of branded Carriage Bags • Production of branded Envelopes etc To increase the mileage of the schools advertisement efforts